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A new global watchdog agency has been launched to monitor the tobacco industry with $20m of philanthropic funding amid fears of dirty tactics by cigarette companies hit by declining smoking rates in the west.


The Tobacco Holocaust —A Crime Of The Century!

April 9, 2018

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It’s no accident that Philip Morris is the #1 multinational Merchant of Death in the world. The company is brilliant when it comes to finding innovative ways to leverage political influence to its advantage. You will be amazed at the tactics these licensed to kill tobacco companies pull, Really, it’s quite masterful.

The one issue that needs to be pounded on EVERY DAY is the Tobacco Holocaust. It’s just not possible to overemphasize the magnitude of this Holocaust which is at least 25 times the high estimates of the Jewish Holocaust. Nothing even comes close to the horrors of this Corporate/Gov’t. Genocide. Death from tobacco has never been shown on tv or most other media, even though all other causes of death are routinely shown in graphic detail, and novel causes are always featured in the Media.

7 Million Deaths a Year is an outrage !!! How these companies remain in business is baffling !! It’s like the September 11 attack happening every single day!

The last 100 years of regular genocide killed between 60 and 150 million, which took billions of tons of explosives and ammo, poison gas, nuclear weapons and real expensive hard fought efforts. Tobacco accomplished the equivalent so easily by corruption, mind control and addiction, without a shot being fired. Biological and chemical poisons are dumped on folks by the billions of tons each year. Still, with all this onslaught it is Tobacco that is still the main tool of Genocide.

Tobacco is so effective, that it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Gov’t.s began dropping cluster bombs of cigarettes on unsuspecting villagers, or cheap plastic land mines bursting out cigarettes at the feet of children. Now these would truly be weapons of mass destruction. What has always amazed researchers about Genocide is that it causes a dramatic rise in the Birth Rate. ie. Palestinians have suffered massive genocide for over 30 years, and now have the highest birth rate ever seen, 11 per woman ! Other cultures show sharp rises, while the death rates skyrocket from these global coordinated attacks on Humanity.

The cigarette is the deadliest artifact in the history of human civilization. It is also one of the most beguiling, thanks to more than a century of manipulation at the hands of tobacco industry chemists.

Tobacco companies have tremendous financial and political power and, despite the overwhelming medical evidence against cigarettes, they are still able to sell their products. Moreover, certain markets are expanding. Two of the world’s largest tobacco companies are based in the UK. Both continue to perform strongly and are confident about their future performances, especially as markets are growing in lower income countries where there is tremendous potential for profit.

Many of the current strategies used by tobacco companies are not new.

A major problem with trade and investment agreements is their chilling effect on public interest legislation: countries that lack the time or resources to defend themselves against a trade dispute hold back from introducing new measures that are good for the public but threaten corporate profits and could provoke a trade challenge. This is particularly problematic where corporations are able to use the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism to sue governments in private tribunals where corporate lawyers act as judges.

For example, after Philip Morris challenged Uruguay and Australia for introducing graphic warnings on cigarette packaging and plain packaging respectively, Costa Rica, Paraguay and New Zealand delayed introducing similar measures. Philip Morris lost that case, but big tobacco is still attempting to bully (particularly low and middle income) countries that attempt to put the health of their citizens before shareholder profit. This has to be stopped.

Source: Medium