The only interest of the tobacco industry is profits from its business. Read articles that bring out arguments put forth by tobacco companies attempting to justify their claims. This section also highlights arguments, actions, activities and strategies of tobacco industry allies and front groups in favor of the tobacco industry.

Donors distort WHO’s tobacco control policy, say experts

Oct 02, 2020: Consumer groups have accused the World Health Organization of being used by big pharmaceutical companies, charity foundations funded by billionaires and state-controlled tobacco companies to perpetuate cigarette trade by driving less harmful alternatives to the black market, leaving more than a billion smokers exposed to serious health risks from smoking.


State-owned companies complicate the global fight against tobacco use

Oct 1, 2020: ● Efforts to curb tobacco have been thwarted in part because half the global cigarette industry is controlled by eight countries who are part of those efforts


Tobacco Harm Reduction Experts Root For Oral Nicotine Products

Sept 30, 2020: In a webinar co-hosted by the Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA) and the Africa Tobacco Harm Reduction Forum (ATHRF), tobacco harm reduction experts urged Uganda to endorse the use of oral nicotine products in the fight against smoking.


Tobacco use still a silent epidemic

Sept 29, 2020: Virtual conferences seem to be a trend that will stick around post-covid-19. Some are so well organised that delegates don't feel they miss a lot by not attending in person. One of them was the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum 2020, which brings together public health experts, government representatives, investors, and members of the tobacco/nicotine industries to exchange views and ideas.


Tips from former smokers: James’ story (CDC)