The only interest of the tobacco industry is profits from its business. Read articles that bring out arguments put forth by tobacco companies attempting to justify their claims. This section also highlights arguments, actions, activities and strategies of tobacco industry allies and front groups in favor of the tobacco industry.

Tobacco use still a silent epidemic

Sept 29, 2020: Virtual conferences seem to be a trend that will stick around post-covid-19. Some are so well organised that delegates don't feel they miss a lot by not attending in person. One of them was the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum 2020, which brings together public health experts, government representatives, investors, and members of the tobacco/nicotine industries to exchange views and ideas.


Africa: What is the Fundamental Difference Between Cigarette Smoke and Heated Tobacco Aerosol?

Sept 24, 2020: On September 15th, 2020, Tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris International (PMI) held a scientific online conference on the fundamental difference between cigarette smoke and heated tobacco product aerosol. Scientists of PMI presented some of the latest fundamental scientific evidence on the harm caused by combustion and innovative, less harmful, aerosols chemistry.


Tobacco Transformation Index Finds Most of the 15 Largest Tobacco Companies are Failing to Advance Harm Reduction

Sept 23,2020: The first Tobacco Transformation Index (, released this week and made possible with funding from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, finds that most of the 15 largest tobacco companies are not making substantive progress in phasing out cigarettes and other high-risk tobacco products and transitioning smokers to reduced-risk alternatives.


BAT Advocates for a collaborative, stakeholder-inclusive approach to accelerate tobacco harm reduction

Sept 23, 2020: BAT's A Better Tomorrow purpose driven by a focus on Innovation, Transformation and Sustainability
BAT progressing well towards target of 50 million consumers of non-combustible products by 2030


Tips from former smokers: James’ story (CDC)