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A coalition of NGOs has urged Putrajaya today to enforce a blanket ban on e-cigarettes and vaping devices, claiming the industry will spiral out of control otherwise, similar to what has happened with regular cigarettes.


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Ban Imposed On Advertising, Sponsorships By Tobacco Industry

February 02, 2020

Islamabad : The tobacco industry will no longer be able to use power walls and display posters of tobacco products at points of sale as the Tobacco Control Directorate of the Ministry of Health has issued a new law supported by the Revenue Division.

The law prohibits the display of tobacco products near cash counters, through power walls placed at eye level of children, and through posters, paintings or on-screen displays at points of sale. The gimmicks applied by the tobacco industry to attract under-age children (below 18 years) are not a secret and it is plausible on the part of the government to have applied all possible sanctions on promotional activities.

At least 166,000 Pakistanis die every year due to cancers and other illnesses attributed to smoking or non-smoking tobacco products. “The government of Pakistan is determined to prevent people from diseases and mortality caused by the use of tobacco products. Tobacco products have been debarred from appearing on billboards or posters inside or outside shops or any other place. The electronic media is no longer available to display tobacco or its products, and the exclusion includes all categories of cinemas and theatres, including mini or mobile,” an official stated.

The industry has also been stopped from targeting individuals through social media or personal mails (electronic, postal or otherwise). No promotional activity or retailer incentives programmes will be allowed, under the law. The sponsorships of events or display of products by tobacco industry at any venue is also illegal from now on.

Source: The News