This page is a compilation of resources on tobacco industry watch, divided into four main categories: publications, articles, videos and tool kits.


iiiiTobacco industry manipulation of research
This document is on the strategies used by the tobacco industry to deny, downplay, distort and dismiss the growing evidence that, like active smoking, ETS causes lung cancer and other effects in non-smokers.



imagePreventing Tobacco Industry Interference: FCTC Article 5.3 Toolkit 2015
This toolkit presents a range of issues, policy options, and considerations that each country needs to take into account for purposes of developing country efforts for the implementation of Article 5.3 related to protection of tobacco control measures from interference by the tobacco industry of the WHO FCTC.




You're the Target: New Global Marlboro Campaign Found to Target Teens
All governments should comprehensively ban all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship in accordance with the international tobacco control treaty, the WHO FCTC. Only comprehensive bans can prevent PMI and other tobacco companies from initiating similar youth marketing activities in the future.



roadmap en


Roadmap to protecting health from Big Tobacco
The FCTC includes a critical provision—Article 5.3—that promises to root tobacco industry interference out of public health policymaking. Corporate Accountability International has developed this step-by-step guide to assist public officials and advocates in translating Article 5.3 guidelines into laws, policies, and enforcement mechanisms.



250px SmokerKenya- BAT's Tactics to Undermine the Tobacco Control Regulations
Kenya’s efforts to try and introduce tobacco control legislation that regulates the marketing and sale of tobacco products has been resisted by British American Tobacco (BAT) and other tobacco companies, which see Kenya as a key frontier for profit growth.[4]Consequently legislation in the country has repeatedly been thwarted by the tobacco industry.


Blackdiamonds1British American Tobacco in Africa: A Past and Present of Double Standards
Despite claims of responsibility and transparency, evidence shows BAT has breached its own business mandates, sometimes violating international codes of conduct and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Internal documents describe BAT’s advertising, marketing, and sales strategies in Africa.