UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos

The University of California, San Francisco Tobacco Industry Documents Multimedia Collection contains audiotapes and videotapes related to the advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research of tobacco products as well as materials gathered and produced by tobacco control advocates. The UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos Collection includes some of the videos from the larger Multimedia Collection.
As a result of the Minnesota lawsuit, the major tobacco companies and the industry trade associations agreed to place millions of pages of paper documents and audiovisual materials in the Minnesota Tobacco Documents Depository.
The University of California, San Francisco houses digital versions of the paper documents in the Industry Documents Library (IDL) and has acquired a portion of the audiovisual materials, some of which you see here.
The UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos Collection contains material that is generally unavailable outside the Minnesota Depository and includes recordings of focus groups, internal corporate meetings, depositions of tobacco industry employees, government hearings, corporate communications, both internal and external, and some commercials. In addition to these types of tapes, the Minnesota Depository has numerous recordings of television news coverage of tobacco issues and more cigarette commercials.
The UCSF Industry Documents Library received 2100 DVDs from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) which focus primarily on tobacco industry public relations efforts. As a result of a successful lawsuit by the New York State Attorney General, RPCI has acquired and scanned the document collections of the Tobacco Institute and Council for Tobacco Research which also contained several thousand video tapes.

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