A report titled “Tobacco vs the People” shows that one in four persons below 18 accesses tobacco products not knowing that the act is a violation of existing legal provisions in Nigeria.

''Tobacco vs the people''
Nigeria Tobacco Sales Violations Report


Nigeria passed the National Tobacco Control Act (NTC Act) in 2015. The law contains provisions that would help to curb the use of tobacco – a public health hazard – in the country. Among aspects of this law includes the prohibition of tobacco sales to and by minors; the prohibition of sale of cigarettes in single sticks and; the prohibition of Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship. On World No Tobacco Day 31st May 2017, Nigeria’s Health Minister Professor Isaac Adewole announced these as part of the nine Provisions that the Federal Government would start implementing immediately. Although the law is now in place, the country is yet to begin full implementation and enforcement of the law, meaning that violations are rife.


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