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CRC Committee Approves E-Cigarette Smoking Ban

November 30, 2017

ECigMGNPixabay1129A proposal to ban the smoking of electronic vaping devices is now heading to the full Constitution Revision Commission—the panel that meets every 20 years to change Florida’s constitution.

Under CRC Commissioner Lisa Carlton’s proposal (Proposal 65)—any location where smoking is prohibited by the constitution, vaping your electronic cigarette would also be banned. Currently, smoking tobacco inside any enclosed workplace is not allowed in Florida. But, if you want to vape, you can.

“No one should be forced to endure harmful vapor in their cubicle as they work to support their families. No parent should not have to worry about the health of their child because someone is vaping at the adjoining restaurant table, movie theater seat, grocery store, or next to them inside the mall. Proposal 65 is very simple, if you can’t smoke there, you can’t vape there.”

Still, while chemicals associated with e-cigarettes may cause cancer or serious lung disease, scientists are still researching the long-term health effects of vaping.
Under Carlton’s proposal, exemptions would still be in place for bars and hotels. If it passes the full Constitution Revision Commission, it will then need voter approval.

Source: WGCU