Being the continental network that coordinates most of Africa’s CSO tobacco control interventions, there have been instances where mobilization of ATCA’s membership contributed to great tobacco control achievements in the continent. This page highlights such instances and the results achieved.

Adoption of Nigeria Tobacco Control Regulations
ATCA mobilized 48 Civil Society Organisations (most of them ATCA members) engaged in promoting public health and protecting the population of Africa from the deadly consequences of tobacco use, to sign a petition to the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria requesting it to adopt strong Tobacco Control Regulations before the end of its mandate that was scheduled for 6 June 2019. This letter was signed on 22 May 2019 and submitted to the President of the senate a couple of days later.

Less than one week after its submission, the regulations, which had already been adopted by the House of People’s Representatives and only needed the accord of the Senate to become enforceable, was approved.
In the letter, the organizations urged the Senate to approve the regulations urgently so that it can long be remembered as their legacy and strong commitment to protecting the present and future generations from the dire health and socio-economic consequences of tobacco use.

Worthy of note is the fact that ATCA, as the leading tobacco control CSO coordination body in Africa had addressed a letter on the same subject, dated 3 May 2019 to the Senate President. A similar letter was also sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This was delivered two days before the House of Representatives approved the Regulations on 7 May 2019.

Click here to view and download the petition to the Senate President