Tobacco growing harms our health, the health of farmers and the planet’s health. The tobacco industry interferes with attempts to substitute tobacco growing, contributing to the global food crisis.

This campaign encourages governments to end tobacco growing subsidies and use the savings to support farmers to switch to more sustainable crops that improve food security and nutrition.

Campaign Logo

This year, the logo is straightforward, with a distinctive word mark that evokes a friendly, agricultural vibe. The circular shape of the logo resembles a plate, symbolizing our efforts to feed Africa. While the African map at the edge of the circle represents our fertile soil, underscoring the vital role of agriculture in our society and our commitment to safeguarding our food supply and avoiding support for the tobacco industry. The colour green also evokes a sense of agriculture and food.

The fundamental concept behind this logo is to emphasize the significance of growing food crops that benefit everyone, instead of tobacco that is detrimental to both public health and soil fertility. Our goal is to motivate individuals and communities to prioritize the cultivation of edible food over tobacco farming.

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