Africa Tobacco Control Media Award

The Award

The ATCA Tobacco Control Media Award is a yearly initiative organized to motivate journalists to generate compelling tobacco control media productions. This award recognizes the best tobacco control media productions in the continent.

Production requirements

Productions for the Media Award must focus on exposing key tactics of tobacco multinationals aimed at undermining the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and must:

  • have potential to create impact
  • be journalistic and of good technical quality
  • be original not have been previously submitted for another competition

Entries can be submitted till 31 October, 2022.


The award has three categories:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Online/Print media


The best three productions in each category will receive:

  • a trophy
  • a laptop
  • 500 USD


Tobacco is the leading cause of death, illness and impoverishment.
The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than 8 million people a year around the world. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.
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Tobacco industry interference to undermine public health
Evidence including internal tobacco industry documents have shown how the tobacco industry has used flawed arguments, fabricated or misleading information, unethical approaches, and front groups to undermine life saving tobacco control measures by influencing policy makers either directly or through third parties. For years, public health experts poured over tobacco industry’s internal documents to decipher the pattern of strategies deployed to weaken tobacco control. Tobacco industry’s internal documents were made public as an outcome of public interest litigation against tobacco companies in the US.
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