The General Assembly

It is the supreme body of the Alliance comprising its members. It meets at least once per year either in-person or “virtually” on the internet. The General Assembly may discuss any topic and make recommendations to the Board and other bodies of ATCA.

Board of Directors

The ATCA Board serves as the governing body of ATCA. It oversees the administrative operations of the ATCA Executive Secretariat, assists in ATCA fundraising and perform any other functions requested by the ATCA General Assembly that further the aims and objectives of ATCA and are consistent with this Constitution.

The Secretariat

It consists of the Executive Secretary, serving as the Secretariat’s General Manager and Secretary to the Board, and such other advisors and support staff as may be appointed from time to time. It conducts the daily activities of the Alliance, particularly in terms of coordination, networking, information and communication, capacity building, research, monitoring and evaluation and resource mobilization.

Board of Directors