• Any non-governmental organization (NGO) or civil society organization (CSO) involved in public health and tobacco control in Africa at the local, national, regional or international level;
    • Any individual involved in public health and tobacco control in Africa.


    • A legal registration (for organizations);
    • A valid passport biodata page and biography (for individuals);
    • A signed declaration that the individual applicant or organization has no affiliation whatsoever to the tobacco industry, is actively contributing to advancing public health and tobacco control in your country and is ready to comply with Article 4.4 (Obligations of members) of ATCA’s Constitution;
    • A proof of active participation in tobacco control (activity reports or any other documents);
    • Endorsement by two ATCA members preferably members from the same geographical region.


    First stage: Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to membership@atca-africa.org

    Second stage: Submission of a Membership Application Form

    Upon review of the EOI, applicant will be sent the Membership Application Form. The Membership Application Form must be submitted with the documents mentioned above.

    Third stage: Review by the Board of Directors.

    Application is submitted to the Board of Directors upon completion of the first two stages.

    Final decision will be sent to the applicant. Membership is recognized after approval by the Board and notification by the Secretariat. If the application is approved additional documents may be required for our database.