World No Tobacco Day 2022 Africa Campaign

The “Clean up” campaign is organized by ATCA, in collaboration with the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa (CTCA), Africa Centre for Tobacco Industry Monitoring and Policy Research (ATIM), Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control (GGTC) and several ATCA member organisations.

Campaign Logo

Produced under the coordination of ATCA, the logo for this campaign is composed of the campaign name, the campaign slogans which are also the campaign hash tags, and a thoughtfully coloured map of Africa. Below is description of the entire logo:

Logo colours:

  • The sky blue represents Africa’s skies which are heavily polluted by industrial transformation of tobacco products and the smoke that emanates from the consumption of tobacco products.
  • The navy blue represents Africa’s water lands which are heavily polluted by remnants of tobacco products.
    The green represents Africa’s rich forests which the tobacco industry is destroying through deforestation to plant tobacco.
  • The light green represents Africa’s vegetation and the yellow represents the continent’s rich soil. Both are destroyed when tobacco farming occurs, and during tobacco curing.

Logo texts:

  • “Clean up” is the name agreed upon by all partners for the campaign. The broom, generally known to be a household cleaning tool in Africa, is designed to replace the letter “l” in the word “Clean”.
  • Two hashtags are adopted for the campaign “#TobaccoIsTrash” and “#TrashIt”. They also serve as the key messages being vehiculated by the campaign.