Coalition Camerounaise Contre le Tabac (C3T)


Coalition Camerounaise Contre le Tabac (C3T)

Objectives of the Organisation

  • C3T’s activities are guided by the fundamental principles of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).Its missions and objectives are:
    • To assure vigilance for effective adoption and implementation of the FCTC in Cameroon
    • To contribute to the protection of Cameroonians from the health, economic and environmental consequences of tobacco use.
    • To monitor, denounce and counter activities of the tobacco industry.
    • To contribute to the attainment of a tobacco-free Cameroon and contribute to the reduction of preventable diseases.
    • To promote and support a national network of individuals and organisations coordinating a national tobacco control campaign in Cameroon.
    • To build the capacity smokers to quit, and non-smokers to abstain in rural and urban areas.
    • To help in smoking cessation


Areas of Expertise

  • Support for the development, adoption and implementation of tobacco control laws and regulations.
  • Capacity building of tobacco control actors and stakeholders
  • Tobacco control advocacy
  • Communication and social mobilisation
  • Monitoring of tobacco industry activities and formulation of counter strategies
  • Support of development and implementation of tobacco control policies:
    – Smoke-free public places
    – Tobacco products packaging and labelling
    – Public education, communication, training and sensitisation on the harms of tobacco
    – Tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
    – Sale of cigarettes to and by minors.

Ongoing projects

Title Objective Period
1 Intensify the advocacy campaign for the effective application of graphic health warnings on packaging of tobacco products in Cameroon Maintain vigilance on the tobacco industry and mobilize state and civil society stakeholders as well as the media for the accomplishment of the process of affixing graphic health warnings on packaging of tobacco products in Cameroon in June 2019. 1 February – 30 September 2019 (8 months)



2 Prevention of smoking amongst the youth. Reduce the prevalence and the incidence of smoking amongst youths January – December 2019 (12 months)

Recent Activities

  • Advocacy with the Minister of Commerce for the implementation of the regulations requiring Graphic Health Warnings on the packs of tobacco products, and the hosting of an exhibition stand on the harms of tobacco, on the occasion of the 34th World Consumer Rights Day
  • Discussions with the educational community of Niété, raising awareness among students about the harmful effects of tobacco, and the establishment of the Anti-Tobacco Club of the Government Bilibgual High School of Niété.
  • Public exhibition at the youth village in Yaoundé with images illustrating diseases related to tobacco consumption in the context of the 2nd edition of the Tobacco-Free Youth Day Campaign and on the occasion of the 53rd edition of the National Youth Day.
  • Educational talk and affixation of smoke-free signs in 10 secondary and primary schools, and the creation of a tobacco control club at Government Bilingual High School Ekounou and Government Primary School Melen, both in Yaounde