Enforcement of Tobacco Control Act 2016 In Progress

Enforcement of Tobacco Control Act 2016 In Progress

A joint enforcement by some officers regarding the Tobacco Control Act in the Gambia is in high gear in the provinces as exercises were conducted by these officers during the past weekend, to monitor and reinforce the 2016 Act. The team which comprises the agents of the Police, Customs and Public health officers and environmental inspectors, were on foot patrol to monitor the level of public compliance regarding the provisions of the TC Act. The activity which is supported by Raid-The Gambia in collaboration with Ministry of health, is part of the organisation’s operation support grant received from ACBF, to strengthen efforts to participate and actively take part in tobacco control interventions effectively.

Overall, the officers report that the compliance of the public in provincial Gambia is indeed exceptional regarding the selling of single stick cigarettes, and the display of and selling of tobacco products especially to minors.

Source: Foroyaa