See This Year’s Winning Global Media Competition Entries

See This Year’s Winning Global Media Competition Entries

What do you get when you call for creators around the world to stand up to Big Tobacco? More than 800 videos and social media graphics calling out the industry for the harms it causes, from creators across 43 countries.

It was all part of this year’s Global Media Competition, an annual contest organized by the Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control, a partner in STOP. The competition gives creators the chance to spark positive change by raising awareness of the tobacco industry’s duplicitous business practices.

This year’s contest theme was “Disaster in Disguise: Tobacco Companies’ Environmental Harms.” From highlighting the industry’s role in deforestation to decrying its attempts to cover up its environmental harms, contestants artfully conveyed how tobacco devastates not only global health, but the health of our planet, as well.

Check out the creative and courageous winning entries, chosen by a panel of judges and online voters.

Short Videos

1st Place

Title: Unmasking the Environmental Harm Caused by the Tobacco Industry
By: Gary George Clotario
Country: The Philippines

2nd Place (and Online Voter Choice)

Title: Double-Dealing
By: Jam Althea Agner
Country: The Philippines

3rd Place

Title: STOP the Tobacco Industry – START Saving Our Planet
By: Shannelle Sahlin
Country: Sweden

Social Media Graphics

1st Place

Title: Tobacco Does Not Decompose Itself
By: Taorem Sananu
Country: Bangladesh

2nd Place

Title: Lit of Hopelessness
By: Judd Reiner Flores
Country: The Philippines

3rd Place

Title: On the Other Side
By: Herod Montiel
Country: The Philippines

Online Voter Choice

Title: Tobacco Industry is Harmful to Everyone
By: Alfatima Dimapelez
Country: The Philippines


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Source: STOP