2024 Africa Tobacco Control Media Awards: Award Ceremony in Zambia and Burkina Faso

On the occasion of the celebration of the World No Tobacco Day, our members in Burkina Faso and Zambia honored the winners of the 2024 Africa Tobacco Control Media Awards. The Award ceremony in Ouagadougou on 4th June 2024 and Lusaka on 5th June 2024 celebrated excellence of the media professionals and their dedication to the fight against tobacco.

The awards were awarded by ATCA in 3 categories. The winners Ms Lumbiwe Mwanza in the Print media category, Mr Dyson Bubala in TV category, and Mr Sawadogo Jean Arnaud in radio category, each received a certificate, a trophy and a cash prize of 1,500 USD. Each winner will use part of it to equip themselves with a laptop.

These ceremonies underscored the vital role of the media in promoting public health. The winners were praised for their commitment and excellence.

ATCA thanks the judges and congratulates these journalists congratulate them for their great contribution to advance the implementation of the WHO FCTC in their countries.

A big thank you to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids for its support. These awards aim to encourage media professionals to cover public health issues and expose the harmful tactics of the tobacco industry, serving as inspiring examples for other media professionals across the continent.

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Photos of the award ceremonies