• Contract Type: Consultancy (1 consultant)
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Closing Date: March 2022



ATCA is a non-profit, non-political and continent-wide tobacco control alliance of civil society organizations (CSOs) with a vision to promote health by building a tobacco-free Africa. Established in 2008, the alliance is a unique Pan African tobacco control civil society network and currently has membership in 39 African countries. The alliance has developed to a network for synergy and sharing of tobacco control resources in Africa. It assures the coordination of its members’ efforts to promote the adoption and implementation of international, regional and national legal instruments, policies and activities on tobacco control within the African Region. The alliance is growing in number and expertise and plays a key role in the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in Africa.

ATCA is currently implementing a project titled “Enhancing ATCA Capacity to Empower Africa CSOs (2EAC)” with the support of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). The goal of the project is to contribute to reducing the prevalence of tobacco use in Africa through the following specific objectives: (i) enhance the operational capacity of ATCA for effective coordination of CSOs agenda for tobacco control in Africa; and (ii) foster synergy on tobacco industry monitoring to facilitate adoption and effective implementation of FCTC-compliant policies in African countries.

While the project is in its final year, more efforts and investment are needed to build a tobacco-free generation in the continent and expect a good level of decrease in tobacco use by 2030.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended the alliance embarks on resource mobilisation to strengthen its interventions in the region. The alliance will identify potential funders such as Foundations and international organizations that can support its vision, and will develop concept and proposals.

In this line, a consultant will be recruited to assist in writing 2 project proposals. He/she will provide assistance to the alliance Secretariat in fleshing out the concept notes in accordance with donors’ requirements.


2.1- For the consultant

On the first project proposal:

The consultant will:

  • Participate in a meeting for the orientation of the assignment
  • Liaise with the Secretariat to appropriate the project concept note
  • Study funder’s templates and requirements
  • Write a project proposal targeting resources for the next 4 years.

On the second project proposal:

The consultant will:

  • study the resource mobilisation strategy and identify a potential donor
  • Participate in a meeting for orientation
  • Develop a concept note/project idea
  • Assist the Secretariat in submitting project idea to identified donor and follow up
  • Develop a project proposal targeting resources for the next 4-5 years.

2.2 – For the African Tobacco Control Alliance

  • provide clear guidance to the selected consultant on the effective execution of the task
  • mobilise its staff, Board to facilitate the execution of the task
  • review and comment on all drafts submitted by the consultant
  • provide any other necessary assistance to the consultant
  • pay the agreed amount for the first assignment in three instalments as follows:
  • 35% upon alignment of ideas
  • 45% upon submission of the draft of the proposal using donors’ template
  • 20% on submission of the final proposal and approval by donor.
  • pay the agreed amount for the second assignment in four instalments as follows:
  • 35% upon identification of a potential donor and development of a concept note/project idea
  • 20% upon submission of project idea
  • 25% upon submission of the draft project proposal
  • 20% on submission of the final proposal to the donor.


  • A timeline for the execution of the task
  • 2 project proposals


The project will last 4 months, between March and June 2022.


The budget available for this activity is 5200 USD net (Tax exclusive)


The selected consultant will be expected to:

  • have a thorough understanding of the tobacco control landscape in Africa;
  • have an advanced degree and proven experience in project management, managing organization, governance.
  • have an excellent analytical skill;
  • have excellent written skills in English or French;
  • have excellent communication skills


Interested consultants should submit an Expression of Interest, structured to include the following information:

  • Self-introduction letter
  • Curriculum vitae of the consultant
  • Introductory note on methodology including a timeline
  • Stated experience in the above required technical area(s)
  • Proven record in similar consultation
  • Financial proposal


Applications should be sent not later than 16th March 2022 at 5.00 pm GMT by email to applications@atca-africa.org.


  • ATCA reserves the right to award the contract to any applicant it considers qualified, and to enter into negotiations with selected consultants to discuss any matter that will be necessary to help with the selection.
  • ATCA does not hire the services of consultants directly or indirectly associated with the tobacco industry. It has a strict policy of non-engagement with, and does not accept any form of funding or support from any company that manufactures, distributes, markets, or sells tobacco products, or that provides legal representation, public relations or lobbying services, or marketing assistance to any member of the tobacco industry.
  • For questions related to this call for application, contact Ms Irene Senouvor either by email: senouvor@atca-africa.org or by telephone; +228 22 25 15 80 /83, from 8.30am GMT to 6.00pm GMT.