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Vapers in Ireland think flavour ban would create a black market, survey shows

More than nine in ten users of e-cigarettes in Ireland would not favour an outright ban on flavoured vapes, a new survey has found. The research, conducted by Red C, a market researcher in Dublin, was carried out through 221 face-to-face surveys last month. The survey found that nearly half of vapers would stop vaping...

For 20 years teenage smoking fell steadily in Ireland. Then along came vaping and it all changed

Campaigners claim global tobacco giants are a significant influence on Ireland’s vaping market. Shannon D’Arcy (20), from Palmerstown, Co Dublin, started smoking when she was 17. “I was with my friends and I just said, I’ll have one, and it just went on from there.” She is standing with some other smokers on St Andrew’s Street,...