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Still On Shisha, The Silent Lethal Killer Wrapped In Flavour

Flavoured with molasses sugar or fruit-like apple to make the smoke more aromatic than cigarette smoke, shisha, a water-pipe tobacco known for its addictiveness and deadly effect on the health of its users remains a silent lethal killer of most Nigerian youths and teenagers, TUNDE OGUNTOLA writes. Just a few months ago, the Environmental Rights...

Ghana: 54.1% of boys in JHS/SHS use drugs, 34.3% of girls smoke shisha – Survey

It has been revealed that 54.1% of boys in Junior High and Senior High Schools use cannabis, while 34.3% of the girls smoke shisha. This is according to a survey by the Consultative Committee to Combat Drug Menace in Schools.  Conducted in 176 schools across the country, the survey was geared towards ascertaining the source and...