Philip Morris expands Iqos portfolio in South Africa

Philip Morris expands Iqos portfolio in South Africa

Tobacco company Philip Morris International has launched a new version of its Iqos heat-not-burn cigarette alternative in South Africa. The Iqos Originals One is an upgraded and renamed version of the Iqos 3 Multi.

Iqos Originals One comes in four new colours and is fully compatible with existing Heets tobacco sticks. The product is now available at Iqos stores and kiosks nationwide.

Backed by extensive scientific research and development, the Iqos devices utilise Philip Morris’ patented HeatControl Technology, which uses a flat wide ceramic blade to heat tobacco instead of burning it, resulting in no smoke, no ash, less smell, and emission of 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

Replacing cigarettes

“In pursuit of innovating the most-advanced smoke-free products for adult smokers, we are continuously striving to replace cigarettes with less harmful alternatives like the Iqos Originals One,” says Vuyokazi Xapa, director of corporate communications at Philip Morris South Africa.

“The continued development of technology exemplified by Iqos is driven by continuous consumer feedback and insights and is supported by scientific substantiation – with the aim of helping adults who would otherwise continue to smoke cigarettes or use other nicotine delivery products switch to better science-backed alternatives.”

She explains that as a company, PMI wants to end the sale of cigarettes with better nicotine delivery products like Iqos that do not burn tobacco.

Increasing Iqos availability

“By increasing availability of Iqos in South Africa and focusing on seamless experience and education on benefits of Iqos to adult men and women who continue to smoke we will see a heightened growth trajectory in this category of reduced risk products. We continue investing in science and technology to develop products that meet the needs of adult smokers; products that can help many who would otherwise continue to smoke to switch,” Xapa adds.

“Affordability of reduced risk alternatives is a concern among many adult smokers in South Africa,” Xapa adds. “While the best option for anyone is to quit tobacco and nicotine products completely, many don’t. Therefore, we need to continue to offer products that deliver on taste, satisfaction and accessibility.”

She explains that the introduction of Iqos Originals One is another milestone in the company’s global transformation to become a majority smoke-free business by 2025. “A growing portfolio, retail channels, regulation and accessibility all have an important role to play in this journey by increasing access to scientifically substantiated smoke-free products that help smokers abandon cigarettes for good.”

According to Philip Morris International, Iqos Originals One is designed with new features to help adult smokers switch from cigarettes more seamlessly. Featuring a fast and powerful holder, allowing 20 heated tobacco experiences at full charge and three consecutive uses.

Variety is key

Xapa says that the totality of Iqos’ clinical evidence indicates that switching completely to Iqos is less harmful than continued smoking but it is important to note that Iqos is not risk-free as it delivers nicotine, which is addictive.

She stresses that no single product would be able to successfully move the world’s approximately 1 billion smokers away from cigarettes. “A portfolio comprising various technologies catering to different experiences, taste preferences and affordability levels is needed – and this is where we’re heading. Combined with the right regulatory frameworks, dialogue and support from civil society, we believe cigarette sales can end within 10 to 15 years in many countries.”

“Our goal is that by 2025 at least 40 million PMI cigarette smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke will have switched to smoke-free products and that at least 50 percent of our volume will come from smoke-free products,” Xapa concludes.

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