Philip Morris launches menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits

Philip Morris launches menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits

Philip Morris Limited (PML) has announced the launch of HEETS Mauve, a new variant in its range of HEETS tobacco sticks designed exclusively for the IQOS heated tobacco system.

IQOS is the UK’s number one smoke-free product and presents less risk to your health than continuing to smoke. Unlike a vape product, which uses liquid, IQOS is an electronic device that heats real tobacco for a more satisfying taste experience, which is why the majority of smokers who trial it, switch away from smoking for good[3].

Launching as a unique taste proposition for IQOS in the UK, HEETS Mauve offers a crisp menthol tobacco blend with a taste of dark forest fruits.  Marking the tenth variant available from PML in the UK, the full portfolio now offers a wide selection of tobacco blends to meet any preference.

The addition of HEETS Mauve will allow retailers to offer their adult customers another menthol tobacco alternative with a rich and satisfying tobacco experience.

HEETS Mauve will be available for retailers from mid-November 2021. Retailers can purchase our full range of HEETS tobacco sticks from most cash & carry and wholesale channels, as well as using the Digital Trade Engagement platform for retailers already signed up to our trade programme.

Kate O’Dowd, head of commercial Planning, for PML in the UK and Ireland, said: “Broadening our HEETS tobacco sticks range to ten variants with HEETS Mauve offers retailers even more choice for their adult customers who have switched to IQOS, the UK’s number one smoke-free product.

“As part of Philip Morris’ commitment to delivering a smoke-free future, we will continue to supply our retail partners with products that meet the preferences of adult smokers looking for real tobacco satisfaction and a better choice than continued smoking.”

Retailers interested in stocking IQOS and the HEETS tobacco sticks should contact their local PML representative.

Source: Retail Times