E-cigarette tax mooted in Switzerland

E-cigarette tax mooted in Switzerland

The Swiss government has proposed amending the Tobacco Act to introduce a new tax for electronic cigarettes.

Parliament has been asked to back the proposal, which is forecast to bring in around CHF13.8 million ($13.8 million) in extra tax revenues per year.

The proposed tax rate for reusable e-cigarettes is CHF0.20 per millilitere of liquid containing nicotine. For single-use e-cigarettes, the government is aiming for CHF1 per millilitre of liquid – regardless of the nicotine content.

The higher tax rate for single use e-cigarettes is intended to put off minors from trying them.

The potential attraction of e-cigarettes among youngsters concerns the Swiss authorities.

Earlier this year, a nationwide vote decided to limit advertising for all tobacco products that may be seen by young people.

Source: Swissinfo